FAQ About Our Health Care Professionals

Claremont Meadows Medical’s most frequently asked questions about access to our health care professionals.

How to See Our General Practitioners

At Claremont Meadows Medical Centre, our patients have the flexibility to consult with our general practitioners either by appointment or through walk-in visits.

For appointments:

  • A standard appointment is typically sufficient for addressing most health concerns. However, if you require an appointment for insurance or employment medicals, procedures, or have complex/multiple medical issues (more than 2 concerns), please contact our reception to schedule a longer appointment. Please note that online booking is not available for longer appointment types.
  • Each family member should have a separate appointment booked.
  • Appointments are scheduled at 15-minute intervals, allowing you adequate time with your general practitioner.
  • We now offer an Online Appointments facility accessible 24/7 through our website “www.claremontmeadowsmedicalcentre.com.au” and via the HotDocsApp at “www.hotdoc.com.au“.

For walk-in visits:

  • Claremont Meadows Medical Centre warmly welcomes walk-in patients.
  • While we understand that not all visits can be planned, we encourage you to book appointments whenever possible to minimise waiting times for both you and other patients.
  • When you arrive as a walk-in patient, you have the option to wait for a specific doctor or see the first available doctor. Opting for the first available doctor helps reduce your waiting time.
  • By booking appointments in advance, you can ensure timely access to care and avoid lengthy queues when seeking walk-in services.

How to See Our Allied Health Professionals or Specialists

To consult with our allied health professionals or specialists, it’s necessary to book an appointment and have a valid referral letter from your general practitioner.

  • Our physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, dietitian, and podiatrist may require an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) referral.
  • Our psychologist may require a “mental health care plan or review” document.

Before booking an appointment with any of our allied health professionals or specialists, please have a discussion with your doctor. They can provide guidance on the appropriate referrals and ensure you receive the most suitable care for your needs.

Telephoning Your Doctor

We believe that almost all problems are best dealt with during a consultation. However, you can contact the doctors at the centre during surgery opening hours. Our receptionist will take your message if the doctor is in consultation.

In case of an emergency, your call will be prioritised. Please keep your call brief.

Emailing Your Doctor

Please note that our emails are not encrypted. Exercise caution when sharing any confidential information.