Nursing Support

Role of our practice nurse is very important at our medical centre. Our practice nurses are trained and monitored by our doctors and works closely together with our general practitioners and help to get early diagnosis of any missing health issues (for example, high blood pressure, overweight or obesity) and offers wide range of preventative health care and health education to keep our patients and their family members safe and  healthy.  

From time to time, our practice nurse may offer you their health services either by opportunistic health check or by appointment or as needed. This is done as per your GP’s request or as per RACGP guidelines.  

Services that our practice nurse offers may include but not limited to:


Comprehensive health assessment,

Hearing screening test, 

Opportunistic health check (eg high blood pressure, overweight),  

Early detection of missing cancer screening,

Smoking and alcohol counselling,

Health education and many more preventative health measures.