Home Visits

Home Visits are arranged and offered mainly at afterhours by 13CURE (13 28 73).

  • Our patient can request their regular general practitioner for a home, nursing home or other visit in their place of residence during or outside of operation hours if the following criteria are met:

    – The patient must be our regular patient of this practice.

    – The patient resides in a location that is within 5km radius of the practice.

    – Where the resident place is safe and reasonable. The practice has the correct details for the patient on the file.

    – The patient has type of illness that necessitates a home visit such as immobile, acutely ill, disability, etc.

    – Please note that there is standard home visit out-of-pocket fees $350 per visit for the first 30mins (minimum $350). The fees subjects to change according to general practitioner and nature of consultation. Please enquire and book at Reception.